Hydroponic Fodder Growing Systems
Destiny Ag Containerised Hydroponic Fodder Growing System (prototype), usable anywhere with power and water

Having successfully operated our prototype system since 2018, we are currently designing an improved modular system that will significantly cut operating labour, and further reduce energy consumption.

Our new system will be completely scalable, suitable for lifestyle operators through to intensive graziers and producers. Daily output capacity will start at 60kg, and rise in multiples thereof.

The key objective remains to provide superior fodder whatever the weather – the key being to substantially improve the digestibility, nutritional uptake and animal health from conventional hand feeding.

A word of caution: You will find suppliers on the internet offering “fodder sprouting systems”. If you choose to purchase a system that “seems too good to be true”, please be realistic for your own good:

Low costs up-front often arise from design and construction short-cuts. If you purchase a cheap system from overseas, you should factor-in ill-considered design, ongoing equipment failures and no recourse.